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As far as I know, the sigmoid is often used as the activation function of the output layer mainly because it is a convenient way of producing an output $p \in [0, 1]$, which can be interpreted as a probability, although that can be misleading or even wrong (if you interpret it as an uncertainty too). You may require the output of the neural network to be a ...


It's a very simplified explantion. I am just talking about the core idea. A neural network is a combination of many layers. A neural network (Multiple Layer Perceptron: Regular neural network ): It does a linear combination (a mathematical operation) between the previous layer's output and the current layer's weights(vectors) and then it passes data to ...


If you think about it, it is already happening. Thousands of drivers work for Uber Intelligence. There are many applications that dictate the rules and define what the seller and the end user need to do This idea is called Singularity or Technological Singularity, it would be possible with a Superintelligence. However, the possibility of this happening is ...


It is called Singularity. A point in future where AI will surpass Human Knowledge and become Omniscient. AI will be able to operate on an order manifolds time to that of a human brain thus developing and designing itself without any assistance.


A feedforward network with its full linkage, is the super set of a 2 level feedforward translationally invarient network.


If I'm not mistaken you're looking for Roko's Basilisk, in which an otherwise benevolent future AI system tortures simulations of those who did not work to bring the system into existence


The likely expression you are looking for is AI takeover, which is a common topic in science fiction movies, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Matrix, and popular culture. Although the AI takeover is an unlikely scenario in the next years, certain scientists, such as Stephen Hawking, have expressed concerns about it and some philosophers, especially Nick ...


I believe the term you are looking for is "(technological) singularity".

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