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One very popular RL algorithm that is capable of predicting multiple action outputs concurrently is Proximal Policy Optimization. In that algorithm, one or more, say $n$, tuples of outputs, $(\mu, \sigma)$, can be predicted at once (having $2*n$ output nodes), where each tuple is used to parameterize a Gaussian distribution from which a respective action ...


I'm not familiar with your game so I can't tell you what a good heuristic woul be in your specific case, but I can give you some advice on how to look for a good heuristic function. As a rule of thumb, the heuristic function for a MiniMax algorithm is best kept simple and efficient, so you can get deeper into the tree. But it depends on how costly it is to ...


I found these links so hopefully they help.


Yes, OpenAI will release an API for GPT-3, so any developer can integrate it into their application. I don't believe the document for their API is public yet, so we don't know what the final interface will look like, but it's likely to be a simple REST API. In the future, I imagine your developers can take advantage of their API, or alternatively there will ...

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