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What is the best GNN for a NMT task?

I will start by saying that I do not have any experience with Graph2Seq networks or GGNN, but I have some knowledge about GNN in general and the other three architectures. Firstly, it is essential to ...
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How to pass batch of Graphs in GATv2Conv?

For efficiency reasons, it is the standard for graph learning libraries to use the format [n_batches x num_nodes, node_feature_dim], instead of having batches in an ...
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My model is only improving when learning rate is 1. Should I be worried?

A learning rate of 1 is indeed atypical in many machine learning contexts, as it may cause the model to converge too quickly and overshoot the global minimum. Generally, a smaller learning rate within ...
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How to understand the GCN equation?

$\tilde{A}$ is related to normalized Laplacian matrix that "shows many useful properties" of matrix $A$. Note that: Since the degree matrix $D$ is diagonal, its reciprocal square root $D^{-{...
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How to use structural information in a Transformer?

I am not totally sure that this solution would work for your problem, however I'll take a stab at it, and hopefully this helps! One of my favorite resources so far for learning about transformers is ...
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