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How does GPT-based language model like ChatGPT determine the n-th letter of a word?

LLMs like GPT family use tokenizing to transform text into numbers. GPT models offered by OpenAI don't use separate tokens for each letter. Instead, they split the words into commonly occurring, short ...
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what are the applications scenarios for prefix decoder LMs

Large-scale language models can be classified into three main types: encoder-decoder, causal decoder and prefix decoder. Each has its advantages and is used in different LLMs for specific purposes. ...
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Is the Mask Needed for Masked Self-Attention During Inference with GPT-2

Yes, it is still needed. In fact, @mshlis has given a clear reason in the Answer to Q1. As I am new to the community and have no reputation to directly comment, let me supply his/her answer by opening ...
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