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What are some possible projects that can be finished in a 4-week time-frame?

Welcome to AI.SE @Kate_Catelena! I teach AI courses at the undergraduate level, and so have seen a lot of semester projects over the years. Here are some templates that often lead to exciting ...
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What are some possible projects that can be finished in a 4-week time-frame?

Here are some possible options Music Generation using GA/MA Open AI's gym projects 2048 on RL and search algorithms Fixing bugs in the source code of some AI software project
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What is the possible solution to the Problem?

Here the Solution to the problem from myself The problem can be modeled in a graphical way as followed: A person has to reach from one node of a graph to another, and the current distance from the ...
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What's wrong with my answer to this constraint satisfaction problem, which needs to be solved the AC-3 algorithm?

To satisfy $D\ne A$, for each element in the domain of $D$, say $d$, there must be at least one element in the domain of $A$, say $a$, that $d \ne a$. Domain of $D$: $ \{ 1, 2, 3, 4 \} $ Domain of $A$:...
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Why is it useful to track loss while model is being trained?

The loss function (aka cost function) measures the correctness of the predictions of the model. For example, a simple cost function could be $|y - f(x)|$, where $\hat{y} = f(x)$ is the prediction ...
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Prove that in such cases, it is possible to find an ERM hypothesis for $H_n$ in the unrealizable case in time $O(mnm^{O(n)})$

Here's a rough proof sketch that might be clearer, but is probably less precise, than the solution you already have. We have a sequence of hypotheses classes, but the problem actually only asks us to ...
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How can I solve part b of exercise 3.6 from the book "Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach"?

Initial state: initial position of the monkey. Possible actions climb on the crate, get down the crate, move the crate from one spot to another, stack one crate on another, walk from one spot to ...
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