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How does AI 'see' the images it generates- from what perspective?

Let's start from the problem associated with generating details in images, probably as old as computer vision itself. Consider an image of a person of classic size 512x512 pixels, one finger in that ...
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Generator loss not decreasing while training GAN

Without looking too much at the code, as this is not a place to ask debugging questions, I'll give some advice on how to potentially solve your problems. I'll assume your code is operational (its ...
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Are there some known neural networks that, given an input image, can generate a similar image, with the same topic?

(Good) GANs are highly specific. If you had a specific domain in mind, e.g. just human faces then you could use something like a Bicycle GAN. On top of a Generator (& Discriminator) this includes ...
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Discrepancies in the Exclusion of Elements in Image vs. Text Generation

The difference is due to qualities of text training data used in training the two types of model. The LLM models are trained on large amounts of text, and learn grammar rules very well. There are lots ...
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How do stable diffusion models take the data into account

I have recently taken a seminar on a similar let me explain you in brief, The complete end-to-end process has 3 steps while inferencing: Text Encoding (using CLIP Model) Image Information Creator (...
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Do diffusion models take a long time to train?

Diffusion models are very data hungry. Without data augmentation that won't be enough to train it nor would I expect realistic images from a dataset that small for something so complicated. Diffusion ...
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Can Vision Transformers be used to extract features?

Yes, of course they can be used to extract features, just like convolutional networks, even in supervised settings. ViTs are not exclusive to classification, their intermediate layers can also be used ...
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Can I sample finite or infinite images with AutoRegressive Models?

if you just take the maximum likelihood color, then probably yes, but you should not... In other words, assume an distribution, for example a gaussian centered at the predicted color with some ...
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