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No, the images do not need to be same. You can use different images for downstream task however you need to do some changes in model definition while loading model state_dict as CNN architecture used for pretext task 'relative patch location', assume Alexnet will expect 2 patches as input.


The Flatten layer is used for collapsing an ND tensor into a 1D tensor. In your case, the inputs appear to be $28\times28$ images, so Flatten will convert that into a tensor with shape $1\times768$. Note that no information is lost. Flatten layers are usually used where you have a convolutional layer with dimensions $N\times M \times C$ (where $N$,$M$ are ...


The spatial relationships that you describe would correspond to features, and it's not clear that you need to use a neural network for detecting or discovering these features since you have just described them. Could you instead define a feature extractor that detects the correct patterns and returns you a vector of counts of feature occurrences across the ...


The work was done through the following: Extract feature points using a Detector Extract the descriptor for these feature points Make matching using similarity measure between two descriptors from two meshes.

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