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Without experimental evidence to back me up, I can not answer this with 100% confidence. However, I am fairly certain that this will cause issues depending on the model. U-net is essentially an auto-encoder, and due to the fact that it is all just one big neural network, it is likely it will learn the easiest pattern (as all NN do), and that is to find one ...


Since you only have fixed types. For colour, I think it is fairly straight forward. For number, simplest way is to plot a projection histogram and count the points of discontinuity. An example of the projection histogram For fill, You can find the number of islands. Islands of background colour. For shape, Like Clement Hui suggested you can use shape ...


You probably got the back propagation wrong. I have done a test on the accuracy on adding an extra layer and the accuracy went up from 94% to 96% for me. See this for details: https://colab.research.google.com/drive/17kAJ2KJ36grG9sz-KW10fZCQW9i2Tf2c To run the notebook click Open in playground and run the code. There is a commented line which add 1 extra ...


My suggestion is to go with 1st option. reason is you will get to know much about data and initial stage will find some challenges in developing the model, over a period of time you will get to better results after hypertunning. Please go through article , ignore you have already read this article

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