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Is it possible to pre-train a CNN in a self-supervised way so that it can later be used to solve an instance segmentation task?

Is it possible to use SSL to pre-train e.g. a faster R-CNN on a pretext task (for example, rotation), then use this pre-trained model for instance segmentation with the aim to get better accuracy? ...
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Binary instance segmentation - does the masks have to be complete

You can train a model with that dataset, but it will perform worse compared to a higher fidelity dataset. Training on images with unannotated buildings is essentially instructing the model to ...
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Why instance segmentation architectures using reconstruction masks but not regression?

The reason is probably that the segmentation polygons have various shapes and complexities. You don't know how many points you need per polygon so defining a proper output that specifies the polygons ...
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Image segmentation when given masking information is incomplete

If you have up-to 100 objects in a single image, their size must be fairly small percentage-wise. let's say their diameter is 50 pixels and the whole image is 1024 x 1024. Are the objects always non-...
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Image segmentation when given masking information is incomplete

If you are trying to make instance segmentation model, if you are trying to get full masking objects in your image then you are going into wrong direction. Generally, when you train the model with ...
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