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How can a probability density value be used for the likelihood calculation?

The probability density is used to 'measure how good' the parameters are because it is a natural way of quantifying if these parameters are good for the observed data. Also, as the notation often ...
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Likelihood function for Gaussian Discriminant Analsis

Your understanding is correct. The indicator function ensures that only the term corresponding to the true class $y_i$ contributes, and all other terms become $1$, effectively ignoring them. This is ...
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What is the relationship between MLE and naive Bayes?

And that's all, we can infer P(x|y=c) and P(c) from the data. I don't see where the MLE shows its role. Maximum likelihood estimate is used for this very purpose, i.e. to estimate the conditional ...
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What is emperical distribution in MLE?

The idea behind this kind of reasoning is that there is a "true" distribution (unknown to us, mere mortals) and that the data is generated following this distribution. But what we don't ...
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Understanding the math behind using maximum likelihood for linear regression

Note first that the first $=$ (equals) in $\frac{dl(\theta)}{d\theta} = 0 = −\frac{1}{2\sigma^2}(0−2X^TY + X^TX \theta)$ should be interpreted as a "is set to", that is, we set $\frac{dl(\theta)}{d\...
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"a good model (with low loss) is one that assigns a high probability to the true output $y$ for each corresponding input $\mathbf{x}$"?

The loss function you are minimising for classification is a cross-entropy between modelled probability $p(y| f(x, \theta))$ and true probability $p_{\text{gt}}(y| x)$: $$ \text{CrossEntropy}(p, p_{\...
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Can I sample finite or infinite images with AutoRegressive Models?

if you just take the maximum likelihood color, then probably yes, but you should not... In other words, assume an distribution, for example a gaussian centered at the predicted color with some ...
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