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In the context of reinforcement learning, the idea of modeling your goal-oriented problem as a hierarchy of multiple sub-problems is called hierarchical reinforcement learning, which gives rise to concepts such as semi-Markov decision processes and options (aka macro actions). The article The Promise of Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning presents and ...


I think there is an intersection. There are problems that are in reinforcement learning and in learning in multi-agent systems. There are problems in reinforcement learning, but not exactly in multi-agent systems. And there is learning in multi-agent systems that is not through reinforcement learning. For sort you can say: multi-agent reinforcement learning. ...


it can be either. If you consider the lack of reward as "penalty" then getting 0 reward is bad. if you use a value estimator through a neural network, the range of rewards will dictate the squashing function you use for the output layer

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