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What are the implications of the "No Free Lunch" theorem for machine learning?

This is a really common reaction after first encountering the No Free Lunch theorems (NFLs). The one for machine learning is especially unintuitive, because it flies in the face of everything that's ...
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Are the shortcomings of neural networks diminishing?

Neural Networks have other short comings as well. It takes much longer and far more resources to train a neural network than something like a random forest. So if you need speed of training or are ...
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Are the shortcomings of neural networks diminishing?

Just to add to what has been said in @MikeWise's brilliant answer, All things equal, deep learning models generally rank supreme when compared to other algorithms as the size of the dataset increases:...
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Are PAC learnability and the No Free Lunch theorem contradictory?

There is no contradiction. First, agnostic PAC learnable doesn't mean that the there is a good hypothesis in the hypothesis class; it just means that there is an algorithm that can probably ...
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If a neural network is a universal function approximator, can it have any prior beliefs?

I think your deduction is mostly correct. Neural networks of depth are universal function approximators. This means that in principal, for any function of the form you describe, there's a NN that ...

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