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Why is noise vector represented by letter $z$?

I don't think there's any rationale behind the usage of the letter $z$ to denote the noise (which sometimes is also denoted by $\epsilon$ in other contexts), apart from the fact that $x$ and $y$ are ...
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Is the noise term $\epsilon$ in $y=g(x) + \epsilon$ used to denote the model's imperfection to the real world?

Yes, precisely. What do you mention is known in the literature as the Bayes Error. See page top of the page 114 The ideal model is an oracle that ...
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How does noise samples from uniform distribution contribute to the diversity of generator output?

As pointed out in the comments, a random variable $z$ sampled from a uniform distribution $\mathcal{U}(a,b)$, doesn't take only two values but any value between $a$ and $b$ with equal probability $\...
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