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How does Mask R-CNN automatically output a different number of objects on the image?

Object detection models usually generate multiple detections per object. Duplicates are removed in a post-processing step called Non-Maximum Suppression (NMS). The ...
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How does non-max suppression work when one or multiple bounding boxes are predicted for the same object?

I might be able to help with the theory, but the coding... it is a non standard API such as Tensorflow or Pytorch (it might be custom code for what I can tell). The key element here is that the ...
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Can the output of non-max suppression have more bounding boxes than the number of objects the picture actually has?

Usually bounding-boxes are associated to a score or confidence. So, you loop over them considering the highest scoring first. You then set a threshold on the IoU (intersection over union) that is used ...
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Avoid unintentional "merging" in cluttered object detection

I might have a solution, but based on a hard assumption, which is the following: all expected predicted boxes share a characteristic, in this case they are all rectangles with big height/length ratio ...
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YOLO - does the Intersection over Union is actually a part of Non Maximum Suppresion

IoU is way to measure how much two areas overlap. As said in the comments IoU is used as a threshold parameter for NMS, so You could decide how much common space two areas have to have to be ...
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