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Value Iteration failing to converge to optimal value function in Sutton-Barto's Gambler problem

So, naturally, if you've observed something that contradicts the theoretical properties of Value Iteration, something's wrong, right? Well, the code you've linked, as it is, is fine. It works as ...
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Why do smaller weights converge faster for RNNs?

There is no magic value that work for every network but in general: too large initial weights lead to exploding gradients (i.e. no convergence) too small initial weights lead to vanishing gradients (...
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Why is my derivation of the back-propagation equations inconsistent with Andrew Ng's slides from Coursera?

TL;DR: This has to do with the way A. Ng has defined back propagation for the course. Left Column This is only with respect to one input example and so the $\frac{1}{m}$ factor reduces to 1 and can ...
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How can I perform lossless compression of images so that they can be stored to train a CNN?

Your input image size and memory are not directly related. While using CNN's, there are multiple hyperparameters that effect the video memory(if you are using GPU) or physical memory(if you are using ...
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