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Given an image and two points $A$ and $B$ on that image, how could we find a path from $A$ to $B$?

Let's say I have a white image, a green blob in the middle, and points $A$ and $B$ at either side of the blob, I need to get from $A$ to $B$. I don't have points to traverse. I just have this image. ...
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2 votes

How do self-driving cars construct paths?

As you say, GPS is not precise enough for the purpose (until recently it was only accurate within 5m or so, since 2018 there are receivers that have an accuracy of about 30cm). Instead, autonomous ...
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How can I calculate the shortest path between two 2d vector points in an environment with obstacles?

The usual way to solve this kind of problem is to construct a configuration space: extruding all the polygonal obstacles by sliding the polygon corresponding to the robot around them (some slides). ...
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How to solve Snake Game with a Hamiltonian graph algorithm?

A Hamiltonian path in a graph is a path that visits all the nodes/vertices exactly once, a hamiltonian cycle is a cyclic path, i.e. all nodes visited once and the start and the endpoint are the same. ...
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1 vote

What exactly is the population in the problem of finding the best path in a network of nodes using genetic algorithms?

Should I have all paths as the population, No, this is not usually possible for more realistic problems where a population that covered all possibilities would be far too large to manage. or should ...
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How to report the solution path of a search algorithm on a graph?

Defining Path You are right to be confused if your professors did not clarify (see warning at end). The term "path" can mean a few things: "Concrete" Path: Recall, a graph is a collection of ...
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Are there any pathfinding algorithms that take customized rules into account when determining the shortest path?

Yes, this is easily solved using the A* algorithm. Once your agent has visited a particular node, increase the cost of that node to infinity and recalculate the path.
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1 vote

Which pathfinding algorithms can be applied on coloured graphs?

The idea is to apply a well known pathfinding algorithm (such as Dijkstra) on the graph given the rule: "only black and red edges" Remove all the non-black-and-red edges from the graph first, then ...
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