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Is Prolog still used in AI?

Remembering that artificial intelligence has been an academic endeavour for the longest time, Prolog was amongst one of the early languages used as part of the study and implementation of it. It has ...
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Is Prolog still used in AI?

Yes, as mentioned in other answers, Prolog is actually used in IBM Watson. Prolog doesn't get much "hype" and "buzz" these days, but it is absolutely still used. As always, it has certain specific ...
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Has machine learning been combined with logical reasoning (for example, PROLOG)?

In reference to your exact question, there is published research that attempts to bring these two areas together. For example, HolStep: A Machine Learning Dataset for Higher-order Logic Theorem ...
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Which rules should I define for the predicate "not_to_far" of the exercise 1.1 of the book "Simply Logical: Intelligent Reasoning by Example"?

Your intuition is good. Because "nearby" is only defined with "connected", there could only be 1 station between them. However, it says that the stations are "not_too_far" if at most one station is ...
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Defining rules for an expert system

We cannot do homework for students in this network, however I can suggest that several items affecting cost and several usage patterns are missing and the number of rules is shy by an order of ...
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Has machine learning been combined with logical reasoning (for example, PROLOG)?

Another example where machine learning has been combined with symbolic AI is in the context of knowledge graphs (which can be viewed as a graphical/visual representation of a knowledge base), where ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using LISP for constraint satisfaction in 3D space

This is actually a question which will only receive opinion based answer's. A question you should ask yourself is if the constraint part is really that complex that it is worth to use a different ...
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