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Would it be possible to involve a proof assistant in the process of training a LLM?

Your post has links with: An article by Stephen Wolfram [ ], stating that ...
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How to deal with varying number of input images?

There are are couple methods that you may wish to consider for this challenging but interesting problem. In some cases, multiple images are captured because of artifacts in the initial images, so ...
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How can Transformers handle arbitrary length input?

The accepted answer is wonderful; this answer provides an alternative approach for dealing with variable length inputs. More specifically, what might be done when the input is longer than the maximum ...
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Which calculation to use for GRU

Firstly, I am assuming $r$ is the update to the hidden state. I will call it $\tilde{\mathbf{h}}_t$, because this is how it's called in the paper by Cho et al. that introduced the GRU (where $\mathbf{...
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