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XPU is a device abstraction for Intel heterogeneous computation architectures, which can be mapped to CPU, GPU, FPGA, and accelerator. In order to integrate a new accelerator you need 2 things: HW support: read about XPU in the official intel XPU webpage. SW support: see this open Feature Request to include this kind of architecture to the pytorch pool of ...


A very simple approach can be: Calculate tf-idf vector for sentence 1 and 2. Calculate vector similarity (Cosine similarity) of these 2 vectors. This is a general approach and works for any representational vector. For a more complex one, check semantic similarity with BERT post from Keras blog.


From the theoretical foundations one can look into the Chapter 20: Deep Generative Models of the classic DL book by Goodfellow, Bengio Not the most recent reference, but written by the professionals in simple and accessible way. There is a nice book Generative Deep Learning by D.Foster with some simple heuristics and probability ...

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