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What are the societal risks associated with AI?

The biggest risk is algorithmic bias. As more and more decision-making processes are taken on by AI systems, there will be an abdication of responsibility to the computer; people in charge will simply ...
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What are the societal risks associated with AI?

One risk that’s already realized: large online vendors think they have implemented artificial intelligence in their “help” pages and therefore they can (try to) make it impossible to get to someone ...
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What are the societal risks associated with AI?

Offloading of responsibility may the single greatest danger. Where algorithmic bias may be the core issue of Machine Learning, it can be identified and mitigated. Transferring responsibility to a ...
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What are the societal risks associated with AI?

IMHO the greatest risk is that AI can make people lazy. If you can ask an AI for an answer to any problem, what's your motivation to figure out how to figure out the answer for yourself? I have run ...
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What are the risks associated with regulating AI?

I don't think regulating something necessarily causes that regulation to defacto become a "risk". Regulation - including overregulation - may, in fact, aid in the dialogue between practitioners, ...
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Should we focus more on societal or technical issues with AI risk

Neither AI alignment nor AI governance are important yet. We are so far away from AGI that we don't even know what is missing. We don't set up safety instructions for interstellar travel, so why ...
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