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Is the expert system still in use today?

Are there companies that still use expert systems? There are still some expert system inference engines available in open source form, in particular CLIPS rules A specialization of your question ...
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Is the expert system still in use today?

I would say Expert Systems is still being taught. For instance, if you look at some of the open courses like MIT's, there are still lectures on it. Also, looking at the CLIPS documentation, you will ...
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What is the difference between logic-based and rule-based AI?

Rule-based systems cover a wide range of systems. Some make use of boolean if/then/else rules, others may use weighting or even probabilistic inference. Some operate on frames, some on java objects, ...
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Did old-fashioned, rule-based systems die out when statistical learning broke through into NLP?

No. In commercial applications, rule-based systems are still widely used, because they are easier to explain and debug: if there is an error, you add or change a rule. In a statistical system you need ...
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Transforming a complex if-else decision-making to ML

Are you sure, that there is a need for ML? If there is a set of rules that allows to solve this problem without ML, it gives already 100% accuracy, whereas ML/DL will do it up to a certain accuracy, ...
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Are Relational DBs and SQL used in Expert Systems?

A recent research example is the "Grind" system. Take a look at the paper Computing FO-Rewritings in $\mathcal{E} \mathcal{L}$ in Practice: from Atomic to Conjunctive Queries (2018) by Peter ...

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