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What kind of observation state would you give for that environment?

Provided the discs do not have any properties that vary over their surfaces, and you are not trying to generalise to different sizes/weights of discs for a single agent, then your state variables seem ...
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3 votes

Implementing an RL agent on a variable action space

I will try to answer your questions as best I can, potentially building on some of your ideas. Please note that I'm making certain assumptions about how to design the action space because I don't have ...
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2 votes

What is the state space of digit recognition agent on a grid of 28 x 28 pixels?

State space in contextual bandits or reinforcement learning covers the input space to a policy or predictive model. The question also specifies a representation for this input, which is different in ...
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Variable observation space at each episode

Actually, in most of these algorithms, that state is just used as input for some functions (e.g. some value or policy functions). Given the correct class of functions (e.g. recurrent neural networks), ...
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