I will be starting my PhD in natural language processing in a few days and this is very similar to my proposed topic. It's an open problem that ties NLP and AI into philosophy of science and epistemology and is, I think, extremely interesting. I say all this to drive home the point that this is not a simple problem. Two major theoretical concerns come to my ...


This is a difficult problem. First, how do you define 'subject'? Do you have a (closed) lists of labels you want to assign? What about subjects that overlap, or don't occur in your list? What even is a subject? This is a non-trivial issue. Second, and this is even harder, how do you want to recognise subjects? A simple solution could be using a list of ...


I am sure there are complex methods to extract keywords, but the standard one which should serve as a strong baseline is the RAKE graph algorithm https://pypi.org/project/rake-nltk/. It should work reasonably well in most text domains.

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