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If the Intel Core Ultra is equipped with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), do I still need an NVIDIA VGA graphics card CUDA core for training ai models?

I've combed all of the current documentation for the upcoming processor as well as watch the technical video and I can't find an explicit mention that training can or can't be performed on the NPU. ...
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Fine-tuning pretrained YOLOv7 with new data without affecting existing accuracy

It looks very similar to "catastrophic forgetting" in neural networks. Usually in that setting you are trying to learn a new task, with pre-trained neural network without losing accuracy on ...
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What does it mean if I trained my model with more steps per epoch than the total number of training images I have?

Welcome to AI.stackexchange! To answer your question more precisely, it would be helpful to provide a minimum working example of your code where we can see how you implemented your training loop. ...
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Getting started with training local LLM using python

Depending on how much you want to understand about transformers, it always helps knowing the math first and to really understand how transformers work. So, to answer your question, what is a place to ...
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