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According to your description, you already know your function $f$ to be optimized. So you should use it directly instead of the standard loss functions. In this other post there is an explanation of how to use $f$ as a custom loss function in Keras.


The first place I would have directed you would be Sklearn and pydiffmap. I found this paper specifically about the problem you are doing using python the reference a package called megaman It seems like an active Github . I suggest not just looking at manifold learning papers but leaning towards a search toward non linear embedding or non linear ...


The paper Fair and Unbiased Algorithmic Decision Making: Current State and Future Challenges argues that ensuring fairness is not a trivial task and that the current statistical formalizations of fairness lead to a long list of criteria that are each flawed (or even harmful) in different contexts, that is, there are trade-offs between the proposed ...

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