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In CVAE's objective function, why do both terms condition on $\textbf{c}$?

I suspect that z needs to be conditioned on c to get the KL maffs to work out. Crudely it also makes sense that the encoder can do a better job with more information, in which case the decoder can ...
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Trying to understand some derivation in the paper: Deep Unsupervised Learning using Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics

Question 1 is indeed correct. From there, the integral for $\int dx^{(t)} q(x^{(t)}|x^{(t-1)})$ is also correct. The problem is that this expression does not appear in your intended integral. In $$\...
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Why do we add noise when training VAEs, instead of just insisting each training batch is Normally distributed at hidden layer?

You can just insist each training batch is normally distributed—this is the main idea behind normalizing flows, where you try to maximize the likelihood of sampling the encoding assuming it follows a ...
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How to remove random noise from an image (denoising)?

A sensible image need to have some seriously non-random properties: Suppose a small random noise between [-1, 1] is added to each pixel on this image: As the difference is so small, a network can ...
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How to perform latent space Interpolation between two images?

You need more training images. Far more, at least a few hundred, with variations. The latent space has no meaningful form to it when you train with just two end points. The decoder will have no ...
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