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Can DeepSort be made to track objects beside people?

In my experience, if you have really discriminative objects with distinct features then yes! The original DeepSORT's reid model can be borrowed to track those things. But for the best result, you ...
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How to extract the high-level features of YOLOv5?

Set export = True at the yolo head. If the net is the AutoShape instance, you can achieve it ...
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What are the differences between Yolo v1 and CenterNet?

You've already mentioned some technical differences between the two architectures. I think a key difference is in their "philosophy" and what they are trying to achieve. CenterNet's abstract ...
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How to automatically trigger model retraining for object detection models in case of data drift?

The first idea that comes to my mind would be to have an "unknown" class. If the model places the object into that class, you can trigger the retraining. But, of course, you will need to ...
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Should I define my problem as image segmentation or detection?

The scenario you're describing seems to initially suggest an object detection approach. However, given the complexity of objects being stacked and the necessity to count individual instances ...
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YOLOv1 doesn't work for custom dataset

I will try to answer you based on my previous experience with training YOLO architectures. Hopefully, this can help you build your object detection model. The first thing to note is your training data....
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Autodistill: Train YOLOv8 with ZERO Annotations

It looks like the problem is that it is also predicting a bounding box around the whole document. Overlapping boxes of the same class will confuse the model training process (I believe only the ...
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