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How fast is TensorFlow compared to self written neural nets?
3 votes

A lot. There are all these optimizations that we might not have thought of like combining layers, functions, etc. I am a pytorch guy though, its clean and doesn't get in your way like tensorflow does.

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Can an artificial intelligence eventually think like a human?
Accepted answer
2 votes

You need to fully understand the human mind before you can say that a machine can eventually think like a human. However, the human brain is nowhere near fully understood, nor is human cognition.

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If two perfect chess AI's played each other, would it always be a stalemate or would white win for an inherent first-move advantage?
-1 votes

Since both AI know the best possible moves at each step, black would never win as white already knows all games that leads to black's victory and would easily avoid it, but since the black is also a ...

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