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How to analyze data before going for machine learning training?
2 votes

Though there is no universal method which can be blindly used for all datasets, but here is what i usually do; Fill missing values using interpolation or mean, if missing values are less than 10-15 ...

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How many trees should be generated in a random forest?
Accepted answer
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The number of estimators in Random Forest is a hyper-parameter. If you are using SKLearn's Random Classifier you can use one of the following techniques to find a (near) optimal hyperparameter ...

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Any problems/games/puzzles in which exhaustive search cannot show that a solution does not exist?
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In addition to the problems like Rubik's cube (as described by @Astariul) which are practically too complex to solve exhaustively (due to limitations of speed and memory of our machines), there are ...

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What machine learning algorithm should be used to analyze the relationship between strings?
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You can try using Mallet (which uses Gibs Sampling) or gensim LDA (which uses drichlet priors) to model the problem as topics (hashtags) in different documents (tweets). https://towardsdatascience.com/...

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