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● Competent software engineer and innovative architect with experience in finance, healthcare, and higher education.
● Experienced database analyst; able to properly normalize the data of a problem domain for modeling in software.
● Seasoned DevOps, Cloud, and Systems Integration specialist.
● Skilled with relational and non-relational database technologies.
● Lead developer on database re-normalization and ETL projects.
● Project leader skilled in team communications, troubleshooting, and resolution.
● Experienced technology instructor and curriculum developer.


★ Served as managing partner for software development firm.
★ Served as Director of Production Operations for a Paul Allen company.
★ Served as Technical Liaison to several IBM vertical market software development partners.


♺ Saved Loyola University Chicago over $100k annually by replacing a proprietary collaboration platform.<br> ♺ Reduced operating expenses of a late-stage startup by $50k annually through dbms simplification.
♺ Deployed caching servers to reclaim over $60k annually in bandwidth costs at Loyola Medical Center<br> ♺ Eliminated colocation fees of over $30k per month through datacenter consolidation.
♺ Reduced hosting fees by $18k annually through virtualization.

Got it Done

☑️ Led a mixed on-shore/off-shore team in designing financial analysis and prediction tools.
☑️ Completed database design, development, and migrations projects.
☑️ Designed high-security and pervasive encryption strategies, app, db, network, for high-risk clients.
☑️ Executed database design, redesign, development, and migrations projects.
☑️ Migrated client data systems from on-prem to cloud and from the United States to Europe.
☑️ Redesigned databases with faulty and improperly normalized schemas.
☑️ Wrote reusable ETL (extract/transform/load) tools in Python.
☑️ Taught programming courses and developed advanced topics curriculum at University of Washington.

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