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Is there an AI model for generating sarcastic sentences?
8 votes

A simple form of sarcasm involves a direct reversal of the literal meaning of the statement, eg "Great weather we're having" (during a thunderstorm), "just what I needed" (when something goes wrong). ...

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Could humans hurt a conscious or sentient AI?
7 votes

I suggest you look at all the ways we have tried to stop people from abusing OTHER PEOPLE. There is no ethical grey area here - everyone is clear that this is wrong. And yet people are murdered, raped,...

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How can we connect artificial intelligence with cognitive psychology?
6 votes

AI is already connected with cognitive psychology - there are dozens of AIs right this minute attempting to predict things like which Facebook posts you will like, and which ads you are most likely to ...

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Berkeley AI Course Question on Nearly Zero Sum Games
3 votes

(using X for epsilon because keyboard) This is just a hypothesis, but if you have a maximising agent and a minimising agent, then the optimal outcome for A (maximising) is to sweep the board (X,0), ...

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How close are we to having an AI that can play Magic: The Gathering objectively well?
Accepted answer
2 votes

This is a very specific task, with clearly defined parameters, so it would already theoretically be within the scope of current AI technology to do this. The AI would need to learn how to make ...

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Could an AI feel emotions?
2 votes

Emotions are a factor in humans having ethics/morals only because they are a factor in all human learning and decision-making. Unless you are duplicating a human being exactly, there is no reason to ...

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What techniques can be used to predict future attendance of students for a particular subject lecture session?
1 votes

Because you have a small number of students (30), and a short time (one week), the number of absences is likely to be best modelled as a Poisson distribution. Poisson Formula The average number of ...

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Would an AI with human intelligence have the same rights as a human under current legal frameworks?
0 votes

There is a legal difference between a "person" (which includes bodies corporate - corporations, incorporated associations, etc - and actual people) vs "natural person" (which is specifically a human ...

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