Corneliu Maftuleac

• Extensive software development background in general and more than 10-year C++ development experience in different industries: mobile gaming, financial applications, it/security, mobile development, network solutions. • Extensive experience developing cross-platform applications in C++, multithreading and parallel programming of client side desktop/mobile rich-ui applications, and also server side high performance distributed applications. • Experience in build automation and integration with various development environment and deployment solutions. • Experience in working as technical leader to provide architectural and technical leadership and best practice guidance in coding and processes. • Management experience working and coordinate people, managing multiple projects including technical and non-technical people, in agile and other software development life-cycles. • Knowledge of the full cycle of mobile applications development from prototyping to market specific release (iOS/Android/Windows Mobile).

Specialty: C++/Objective-C, Mobile Development, Windows/Mac OSX Development.

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