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What will happen when you place a fake speedsign on a highway?
Accepted answer
5 votes Google’s cars can detect and respond to stop signs that aren't on its map, a feature that was introduced to ...

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Can a technological singularity only occur with superintelligence?
Accepted answer
4 votes

That would be a no for speed or strength, if you have a super strong entity but it cannot research new materials, it will be quickly limited, same thing for speed, Basically, you need something out of ...

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Which methods or algorithms to develop a learning application?
2 votes

even though that's not really AI, the easiest way to do that would probably be to put coefficients on each question e.g. your question would have something like grammar=0.55 vocabulary=0.45 if(won){ ...

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Should intelligent AI be granted the same rights as humans?
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if we are talking about AI that can replicate itself, it should have different rights, or the current rights must be modified, at least for political participation, or else, it could replicate itself ...

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