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Data Science

I am an experienced data scientist, currently working for a pension fund where our innovation team supports both the pension administration (automatic data anonymisation, mail classification, process automation, fraud detection) and the investment branch (portfolio optimisation, prediction, text mining, document search).

We bring a product from intake to production, involving: defining a project with the business, choosing the technology and designing the software architecture, processing and loading the data, applying the appropriate statistics or machine learning, and finally making results available with an API and frontend deployed in the cloud. This is great fun!

Most used tools: python, elasticsearch, javascript, html, css, fastAPI, git, azure, vim, vscode, bash, powershell


I have also spent 13 years in academia doing biophysics research, teaching, and supervising MSc and PhD students. I have taught statistics, computer programming, thermodynamics and nuclear magnetic resonance. In my research I used spectroscopy (lasers, magnetic fields and radio waves) and computer simulations to study the structure and interactions of biological molecules. Our aim was to better understand how new types of antibiotics kill bacteria, to support rational design of improved new compounds. This was pretty cool stuff but I enjoyed the data-analysis most of all, so I became a data scientist.

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