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Hi, I'm an 3rd Year Undergraduate IT Engineer (2023), with experience in Machine Learning, Full-Stack Development, Desktop Development and Automation.
I've a 5+ yrs of Experience in Programming

4+ yrs of Experience in DSA, 3+ in Machine Learning, 1+ in Deep Learning
Programming Languages: Outstanding in Python, C++, Excellent in C#, Java
Scripting Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript
Database: MS-SQL Server, MySQL
Frameworks: Django, React.js, C#.NET(WFA), C++(CLR)
Embedded: Beginner in Arduino, Raspberry-Pi

Enthusiastic in Domains: AI-ML-DL, Digital Assistant, Web Dev, IOT
Successful Projects on E-Commerce Website (FSD), Digital Assistant, Image Recognition (CV), C# App Dev
Concepts: Competitive Programming, DP, DSA, Multi-Threading and Multi-Processing

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