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What does "at one time" mean in the following question?

Sutton-Barto (Coarse Coding, page 216) Example 9.3: Coarseness of Coarse Coding This example illustrates the e↵ect on learning of the size of the receptive fields in coarse coding. Linear function ...
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How does uniform offset tiling work with function approximation?

I get the fundamental idea of how tilings work, but, in Barton and Sutton's book, Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction (2nd edition), a diagram, on page 219 (figure 9.11), showing the variations of ...
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Does coarse coding with radial basis function generate fewer features?

I am learning about discretization of the state space when applying reinforcement learning to continuous state space. In this video the instructor, at 2:02, the instructor says that one benefit of ...