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How much memory does the Deepstack poker program require?

A DeepStack-style algorithm only requires that you have a way of approximating equilibrium counterfactual values for subtrees at the leaves of lookahead trees from each of its decision points. So if I'...
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How powerful is the machine that beat the poker professional players recently?

From the Deep Stack paper: This seems to be for training: For the turn network, ten million poker turn situations (from after the turn card is dealt) were generated and solved with 6,144 CPU cores ...
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Could a good poker-playing AI be made that didn't look at its own cards?

If the AI does not know its own cards, it only has less knowledge and is therefore at a disadvantage. The AI could only act on the basis of the other players' play, while they know their own cards and ...
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What's the difference between poker with public cards and without them?

It depends a little on what you mean by "the same rounds, just with no public cards dealt." If you mean that each player will just be dealt 2 cards, and no public cards exist, then really we're ...
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Approaches to poker tournament winner prediction?

This looks like it maps very nicely onto Association Mining. In association mining, you are trying to find items from a discrete set that often co-occur in transactions. For instance, you might want ...
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