I'm working on a hybrid recommendation system (collaborative and content-based) for an online ordering/shopping app. So far I've managed to identify a data-source for the collaborative model (likely item-based) but I'm having trouble deciding on features and algorithms for the content-based model.

I know it's probably specific to the problem I'm working on, but if anyone could share their experience or recommendations :) on what features give the best results for a content-based system it would be really helpful. All relevant advice/opinions welcome.

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Some features that have been found to work well for content-based recommender systems include:

  1. Item category (e.g. food, clothing, electronics, etc.)

  2. Item sub-category (e.g. type of food, type of clothing, etc.)

  3. Item brand

  4. Item price

  5. Item description

  6. Item reviewer ratings

  7. Number of reviews

  8. Overall sentiment of reviews

  9. Keywords associated with the item

  10. Any other relevant metadata


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