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Questions tagged [bayesian-reinforcement-learning]

For questions related to Bayesian reinforcement learning, i.e. the application Bayesian methods to RL.

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Intuition behind why Posterior Sampling Lemma holds?

Posterior Sampling Lemma was introduced in the (More) Efficient RL via Posterior Sampling and looks like this. $M^*$ here is the true MDP while $M_k$ is the MDP sampled from the posterior in episode $...
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Calculating Curiosity with Friston's Free Energy in Reinforcement Learning

I'm trying to implement the paper A Curiosity Algorithm for Robots Based on the Free Energy Principle in a reinforcement learning environment using PyTorch, but I am unclear how curiosity is ...
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What's the relationship between Bayesian RL and POMDPs?

Bayesian RL seems concerned with having uncertainty over the transition function of the environment, while POMDPs try to capture uncertainty over the state one is currently in. However, both end up ...
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