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QLora using peft from HF and custom class for binary classification

I am fine-tuning an mistral-7B LLM model for binary classification. I realize it may be an overkill; but we are running some experiments. So far, I have used HuggingFace libraries like peft and ...
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Train my own LLM on a smaller corpus of text?

Would it be possible to train my own LLM on a smaller corpus of text, lets say some coding documentation that I then want to ask questions about using the model? If so, are there any recommended ways ...
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Why are some of the weights not initialized from the pretrained model checkpoint (from hugging face)? [closed]

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My small BERT can't even overfit on a sentiment analysis task

I'm trying to train (from scratch) a miniature BERT model on SST2, a simple binary sentiment analysis task with inputs of maybe 5-20 words at a time. As you can see in my code, my approach is a little ...
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