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Questions tagged [n-gram]

For questions about the concept of an n-gram in the context of natural language processing and other AI sub-fields.

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1 answer

If the unigram precision is (N-1)/N, then the bigram precision is :

Consider the following machine translation scenario. The reference translation has N words (do not consider sentence beginner ‘hat’ and sentence finisher ‘dot’). The machine output also has N words. ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What is the lowest possible loss for a language model?

Example: Suppose a character-level language model (three input letters to predict the next one), trained on a dataset which contains three instances of the sequence ...
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Bag of Tricks: n-grams as additional features?

I've been playing with PyTorch's nn.EmbeddingBag for sentence classification for about a month. I've been doing some feature engineering, playing with different ...
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Why would adding all the possible embeddings be "worse" than using 1D-convolutions?

Suppose we are using word2vec and have embeddings of individual words $w_1, \dots, w_{10}$. Let's say we wanted to analyze $2$ grams or $3$ grams. Why would adding all the possible embeddings, $\binom{...
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