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Questions tagged [semantic-networks]

For questions related to semantic networks in the context of artificial intelligence.

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Looking for a way to train a model to learn optimal parameters/hyperparameters of clustering

I have 5000 docs, each is a review. For each review, i'm plotting the sentences in a semantic dimension. Now, I'm applying clustering to these points for each review. The success of my model depends ...
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Why would the Dice coefficient be more suitable than mutual information when you don't want 0-0 matches to be significant?

I'm confused about the interpretation and assumptions of the Dice coefficient versus the more popular measure mutual information. I'm specifically referencing its use in hierarchical semantic network ...
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How would one disambiguate between two meanings of the same word in a sentence?

The boy lifted the bat and hit the ball. In the above sentence, the noun "bat" means the wooden stick. It does not mean bat, the flying mammal, which is also a noun. Using NLP libraries to ...
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What is the difference between a semantic network and an ontology?

What is the difference between a semantic network and an ontology? How are they related? I have not found any article that describes how these two concepts are related.
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