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Difference in quantization regarding transpose_conv2d / conv2d

I'm trying to implement a transpose_conv2d function using padding/dilation of the input and calling a regular conv2d function. My approach is calculating the new input shape, padding and dilating the ...
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How to interpret upsampling(deconv, nn, bilinear) as matrices?

I am reading this Distill article Deconvolution and Checkerboard Artifacts about avoiding artifacts in images generated by neural networks. In the section of Better Upsampling, the author compares the ...
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Is a Conv2DTranspose the same as a full convolution?

I am currently creating a GAN model from scratch (following this tutorial:
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CFD Reinforcement Learning Topology optimization wind tunnel

I want to create a reinforcement learning environment, designed for win tunnel simulations, where for each iteration a deep convolutional model could receive the 3D vector/scalar fields from the past ...
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How to implement the deconv which is used in “Visualizing and Understanding Convolutional Networks”

I'm trying to understand the deconv referenced in the paper Visualizing and Understanding Convolutional Networks The paper states (section 2, p. 3): the deconvnet uses transposed versions of the same ...
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How will the filter size affect the transpose convolution operation?

After a series of convolutions, I am up-sampling a compressed representation, I was curious what is the methodology I should follow to choose an optimum kernel size for up-sampling. How will the ...
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Concrete example of how transposed convolutions are able to *add* features to an image

Say we have a simple gray scale image. If we use a filter which is just the 3x3 identity matrix (or more pointedly the identity matrix but with -1 instead of the 0 entries), it is fairly easy to see ...
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Studying the speech-generation model and have question about the confusing nature of model input and outputs

I am currently studying this model speech generation known as WaveNet model by Google using the linked original paper and this implementation. I find the model very confusing in the input it takes and ...
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Transpose convolution in TiF-GAN: How does "same" padding works?

This question should be quite generic but I faced the problem in the case of the TiF-GAN generator so I am going to use it as an example. (Link to paper) If you check the penultimate page in the ...
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