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For questions related to the credit assignment problem, i.e. determine which and how actions contribute to a certain outcome, which is the main problem that reinforcement learning algorithms attempt to solve.

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learning rate and credit assignment problem in checkers

I have implemented an AI agent to play checkers based on the design written in the first chapter of Machine Learning, Tom Mitchell, McGraw Hill, 1997. We train the agent by letting it plays against ...
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What is the credit assignment problem?

In reinforcement learning (RL), the credit assignment problem (CAP) seems to be an important problem. What is the CAP? Why is it relevant to RL?
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Can reinforcement learning be used for tasks where only one final reward is received?

Is reinforcement learning problem adaptable to the setting when there is only one - final - reward. I am aware of problems with sparse and delayed rewards, but what about only one reward and a quite ...
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How are "lags" and "exogenous factors" accounted for in reinforcement learning?

In reinforcement learning, the system sets some controllable variables, and then determines the quality of the result of the dependent variable(s); using that "quality" to update the ...
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