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Questions tagged [reservoir-computing]

For questions related to reservoir computing (RC), which studies neural networks that are based on the concept of a reservoir.

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2 votes
1 answer

What do echo state networks give us over a generic RNN resevoir?

Slightly generalizing the definition in Jaeger 2001, let's define a reservoir system to be any system of the form $$h_{t}=f(h_{t-1}, x_t)$$ $$y_t=g(Wh_t)$$ where $f$ and $g$ are fixed and $W$ is a ...
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4 votes
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What are examples of machine learning techniques inspired by neuroscience?

What are examples of machine learning techniques (i.e. models, algorithms, etc.) inspired (to different extents) by neuroscience? Particularly, I'm interested in recent developments, say less than 10 ...
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