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Questions tagged [instance-segmentation]

For questions about instance segmentation, which is the task of detecting and delineating each distinct object of interest appearing in an image (even the ones belong to the same class). Instance segmentation is different from semantic segmentation, where objects that belong to the same class are not differentiated. Collectively, instance and semantic segmentation fall into the category of image segmentation.

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Is there currently a good model for unsupervised instance segmentation of cytoplasm + nucleous of pap smear test that is freely accessible and works?

I've been looking for a pap smear test instance segmentation model that has the code and the weights available, but most of the papers don't have code, or the ones that have, the code lacks some files ...
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Handle overlapping objects in instance segmentation annotation

As I struggle to find any literature online about this, I wanted to create a discussion that other would be able to learn from. My question is inspired from a Yolo GitHub issue. In this example we ...
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Binary instance segmentation - does the masks have to be complete

I am wondering if it is required or not that the masks used for binary instance segmentation are complete. For instance, I want to find the buildings in aerial imagery. If my masks cover, let say ...
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What is Panoptic Segmentation?

In computer vision what is Panoptic Segmentation about? How it relates to Semantic Segmentation? and how it compares to Instance Segmentation?
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Why instance segmentation architectures using reconstruction masks but not regression?

I'm wondering why many model architectures use binary mask reconstruction for segmentational CNNs, and not regression of mask polygon coordinates? Many object detectors use regression to find ...
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Mask R-CNN: How are the computed masks projected back to the input image?

The computed masks by Mask R-CNN are of fixed size $m \times m$ each. How are they projected back to the image?
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Mask R-CNN: how is the inference done?

According to the Mask R-CNN paper and the picture below (taken from the paper), the mask branch is computed in parallel with the bbox classification and regression branches. However in the paper they ...
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2 answers

Image segmentation when given masking information is incomplete

In my problem, there are about 5,000 training images and there are about 50~100 objects of identical type (or class) on average, per image. And for each training images, there is a partial mask ...
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How to divide a segmented image into classes instances?

Is there a method/algorithm to generate instances of objects from image that was segmented by the use of any image segmentation models? For example, I have an image with one class and it was segmented ...
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Is it possible to pre-train a CNN in a self-supervised way so that it can later be used to solve an instance segmentation task?

I would like to use self-supervised learning (SSL) to learn features from images (the dataset consists of similar images with small differences), then use the resulting trained model to bootstrap an ...
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If I trained a model to perform semantic segmentation on images with only one object, would it also work on images with multiple objects?

I'm working on semantic segmentation tasks in the medical space using the U-Net. Let's say that I train a U-Net model on medical images with the goal of segmenting out, say, ligaments, from a medical ...
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