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Questions tagged [pddl]

Planning Domain Definition Language is used to define planning domain models used by AI Planning engines. Use this tag for questions about modeling in PDDL syntax, parsing PDDL models, interpreting constructs the PDDL syntax allows and about widely used tools such as VAL/Validate, or well known planner implementations.

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VAL plan validation tutorial for beginners

I am searching for a step by step tutorial on how to use VAL [] for plan validation.
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Using additional parameters in PDDL precondition and effects of actions

Consider the following example: ...
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How to interpret the output plan of the fast-downward planner

I'm using this domain/problem with the fast-downward planner like this: ./ --plan-file plan.out ../test_domain.pddl ../test_problem.pddl The issue ...
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Can't solve Towers of Hanoi in PDDL

I'm using PDDL to generate a plan to solve this tower of Hanoi puzzle. I'll give the problem, the rules, the domain and fact sheet for everything. PDDL is telling me that the goal can be simplified ...
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Can two planning PDDL actions be taken simultaneously?

We are discussing planning algorithms currently, and the question is to describe the steps to check if actions could be taken simultaneously. This is a really open-ended question so I'm not sure where ...
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FastDownward PDDL Planner Limitations [closed]

I recently had a look at automated planners and experimented a little bit with FastDownward. As I wanted to start a toy project, I created a PDDL model for the ordinary 3D Rubik's Cube (of course ...
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Can PDDL be utilized for action recognition?

The Planning Domain Definition Language (PDDL) is known for its capabilities of symbolic planning in the state space. A solver will find a sequence of steps to bring the system from a start state to ...
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How to transform a PDDL to search?

I have a question about search and planning: I still haven't understood the difference from the two, but they seem very similar to me; here is a question I am struggling with: "Having formulated a ...
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How does a PDDL solver find a solution for a given problem?

As far as I know, in PDDL, an environment is designed as well as the initial state described. When we describe the target state, the solver creates some sort of a graph. How is the graph built and ...
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How is PDDL used in production AI systems?

I can't find much information on modern PDDL usage. Are there more popular alternatives, maybe something more suited to modern neural network/deep learning techniques? I'm particularly interested in ...
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