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High precision and low recall results. What does it mean?

I am working on a classification algorithm for brain rhythms. However, when I implemented the metrics for precision, accuracy, F1 score and recall. My results show that my algorithm has a high ...
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Equations for computing true positives and false positives when using object detection algorithms?

I am running some evaluation metrics using the YOLOv5 object detection algorithm, and wish to calculate my true positives and false positives. For instance, the evaluation metric outputs are as ...
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What is meant by a "relevant document" in NLP?

In natural language processing, I came across the concept of "relevant document" several times. And several analytical formulas, such as precision, recall are based on the relevant documents....
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Given the precision and recall of this model, what can I say about it?

The following table shows the precision and recall values I obtained for three object detection models. The goal is to find the best object detection model for that particular data set. I evaluate ...
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How to calculate the precision and recall given the predictions and targets in this case?

I'm using three pre-trained deep learning models to detect vehicles and count from an image data set. The vehicles belong to one of these classes ['car', 'truck', 'motorcycle', 'bus']. So, for a ...