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Skip-Gram Model description in word2vec explanation article

In his article word2vec Parameter Learning Explained Xin Rong says (page 7): Each output is computed using the same hidden->output matrix: $$ p(w_{c,j} = w_{O.c}|w_I)=y_{c,j}=\frac{exp(u_{c,j})}{\...
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Can 3D convolutions appropriately capture a frozen embedding space?

My project is a strange combination of NLP and Computer Vision. I have datapoints of 3D tensor where each element is a token in an NLP vocabulary. The vocabulary is around 1000 unique "words"...
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Why does skip-gram uses linear maps for embedding?

This question is inspired from Lilian Weng's blog here about skip-gram model, where she shows the model as multiplication via 2 matrices $W$ and $W'$ for embedding and word context matrix and $W$ ...
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Is my interpretation of the mathematics of the CBOW and Skip-Gram models correct?

I am a mathematics student who is learning NLP, so I have paid a high amount of attention on the mathematics used in the subject, but my interpretations may or may not be right sometimes. Please ...
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What are the main differences between skip-gram and continuous bag of words?

The skip-gram and continuous bag of words (CBOW) are two different types of word2vec models. What are the main differences between them? What are the pros and cons of both methods?
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