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Questions tagged [tanh]

Use this tag for questions related to "hyperbolic tangent activation functions" (tanh) used in neural networks.

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Any LMs that use tanh (generalization) instead of sigmoid within Attention?

Question is in the title. Posts such as this and this mention how this would be possible. I have some colleagues who have anecdotally heard of this being done on very small transformer models but I ...
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Why and when do we use ReLU over tanh activation function?

I was reading LeCun Efficient Backprop and the author repeated stressed the importance of average the input patterns at 0 and thus justified the usage of tanh sigmoid. But if tanh is good then how ...
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Why is there tanh(x)*sigmoid(x) in a LSTM cell?

CONTEXT I was wondering why there are sigmoid and tanh activation functions in an LSTM cell. My intuition was based on the flow of tanh(x)*sigmoid(x) and the ...
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Could we add clipping in the output layer of the actor in DDPG?

I have a doubt about how clipping affects the training of the RL agents. In particular, I have come across a code for training DDPG agents, the pseudo-code is the following: ...
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Why is tanh a "smoothly" differentiable function?

The sigmoid, tanh, and ReLU are popular and useful activation functions in the literature. The following excerpt taken from p4 of Neural Networks and Neural Language Models says that ...
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