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2 answers

how to determine the number of units for dense layer for transfer learning?

I'm using MobileNetV2 for classification, and I want to add dense layers(i remove the last layer of the MobileNetV2 model). How do I choose the number of units for the dense layer after obtaining the ...
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1 answer

MobileNet validation loss not decreasing over time

I am trying to train a MobileNetV2 on a custom dataset, to image Classification task. Cardinality is 864 images, split in 70%/20%/10%, balanced between the 3 different classes. Weights are pre-loaded ...
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1 answer

MobileNetV2 - Some particularities

So I was studying MobileNetV2 architecture and came across this table from the original paper that represents its architecture: Table Description: "Table 2: MobileNetV2 : Each line describes a ...
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Metrics using batches v/s metrics using full dataset

I am using training an image classification model using the pre-trained mobile network. During training, I am seeing very high values (more than 70%) for Accuracy, Precision, Recall, and F1-score on ...
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2 answers

If I use MobileNetV2 for the encoder, can I use a different architecture for the decoder?

I have way more unlabeled data than labeled data. Therefore I would like to train an autoencoder using MobileNetV2 as the encoder. Then I will use the pre-trained model for the classification of the ...
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